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Guest WiFi

Push data to your CRM 3x faster with our next-level WiFi solution.

Unrivaled support

Dedicated account management and free training are all part of our first-class support package.

Sensible Pricing

No metered usage. No "free-mium" features. No counting Wireless Access Points. Simple, transparent pricing.

Happy clients

We enjoy long-term relationships built on trust, loyalty and honesty.

Next-level WiFi marketing


WiFi is your first "digital date" with your guests. So make it an engaging and simple experience. Unparalleled features with competitive, simple prices. Take your WiFi marketing to the next level.

Creative WiFi Login

  • Digital scratch cards
  • Self-managed splash pages
  • 80%+ opt-in rates
  • Hi-tech CRM integrations
  • Single sign-on across large estates
  • .


  • SalesForce
  • Airship
  • ImpactData Talkbox
  • Stampede
  • Bloomreach
  • ...and hundreds more
  • Unique digital experiences

    It's your guest's first digital date
    Make it engaging

    Sentinel provides hospitality solutions that are centred around your guest. WiFi is often the first digital interaction with your brand, so make it a stunning and memorable experience. 

    Grow your CRM

    Start with "Why". Customer journeys that attract loyalty

    We believe that every step of a customer journey should Start With Why. With transparent and simple journeys, our hospitality marketing products will firehose data into your CRM 

    Who we work with

    There's a reason why best-in-class brands work with Sentinel

    Values & Features

    Why choose us?

    1. Gorgeous, on-brand designs
    2. Simple, low-cost price model
    3. Next-level features such as our popular gamifications
    4. Grow your social audience
    5. Unlimited possibilities
    Next-level hospitality solutions

    Connect. Delight. Repeat.

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